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Space to Create a Path Forward 

There are moments when mediation is humanity at its best. Mediation is hard and rewarding. It is a tool for peaceful and personalized resolution. The process of mediation as a tool can  allow space to resolve conflict, reduce tensions, and to empower individuals to create personalized agreements and/or outcomes. 

The mediator facilitates the process. There is a beginning, middle and hopefully a conclusion in the form of an agreement. The process is confidential, and a participant may end the process at any time. Participants may be conferenced together or in separate rooms depending on circumstances. Remember, working through a dispute, a difference of viewpoint, or a separation is complicated. Different types of conflict generally may require different approaches. The goal is to create a space where the participant is willing to engage so options can be formed, and possibilities for resolution can be seen.   

 What to Expect

We offer a 20 minute consultation without charge. If we move forward, a mediation agreement and an information sheet will be sent to participants.  A signed mediation agreement is required before scheduling session(s). Normally, a $250 nonrefundable deposit is charged to each participant when signed, a portion of this if unused for admin may be applied to the last session equally.  

We schedule half day or 2 hour sessions using Zoom or a similar medium, while we do offer in person meetings; there is an additional cost.  We tend to mediate matters with financial issues. This may be financial components of a larger matter or the dispute as a whole. Examples of matters that are prone to conflict which we mediate are business valuations, financial components of a buy/sell, buy-outs, succession/exit planning, use of resources, terms of separation, dissolution or family business matters, family probate disputes, trust matters, along with other disagreements like a change in partner or owner financial responsibilities or partner business disputes.

For couples we offer sessions to discuss financial choices, disagreements, use of resources, splits of assets and liabilities, etc. (ie budgets, use of resources, asset or liability splits) 

Fee Structure

Hourly Rate for a mediator is $175.  We offer the following packages:

Half Day Session – $675

8 Hour package – $1,200  or 12 Hour Package – $1,800

The packages can be utilized in half day or two hour session formats. This price is for one mediator and two participants; If counsel is participating these rates slightly increase, the same with more participants and additional mediators. Call or email for information!


Mediation Resources 

Colorado Dispute Resolution Act

The Colorado Dispute Resolution provides rules and guidiance for mediation in Colorado

A Party’s Guide to Court Ordered Mediation

“A Party’s Guide to Colorado Court-Ordered Mediation” is adapted from “Mediation Guide for ColoradoCourts.”

Types of Mediation

There are multiple types of dispute resolution approaches, as well as different styles within the approach. Link through for a brief synopsis of multiple types.  

What is mediation

This is a general video of mediation produced by Maryland Courts. It discusses a general process and gives good descriptors. Your mediation may not look like this. The situation often dictates the approach.

Links to Documents

Agreement to Mediate

Information Sheet

Participant Question List

How to Participate in mediation

This video  is a general overview of considerations for participants. It is not all inclusive, yet it provides a good starting point of  matters to consider prior to attending sessions. 

LionsEdge Advisory

Our Sister Company – Provides advisory services, Fractional CFO/Controller services, conflict and financial consulting

FC Community Mediation

The city of Fort Collins offers a free community mediation program for community type matters like neighbor, HOA, and landlord disputes. Link through to their website for more information.  

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